English Teaching Program is the largest initiative    
of support and promotion of teaching English as a foreign language    
in rural areas and small towns in Poland    

We inspire, motivate to action,    
we give a chance to teach at the highest level    

Welcome to the English Teaching Program!

The English Teaching program  was created by the Polish-American Freedom Foundation in the year 2000. Since August 2002, the national operator of the program has been the Nidzica Development Foundation.

Aim of the program

The aim of the program is to support actions designed to promote learning English and raise the level of knowledge of the English language among children and youth from small towns and villages. The priority of the program is also supporting vocational development of English teachers, who live outside big cities.

The program’s offer

In 2012 we introduced an important innovation to the program. We combined the possibility of grant realization with the need to take part in training.

The teachers from village schools and kindergartens, and since 2013 also the leaders of English teaching from rural areas, are offered participation in English Teaching Activities (ETAs). ETAs constitute a continuation (with some modifications) of the pilot edition of the “full package” from the years 2012-2013.

Teachers who will not participate in ETAs, but teach English in schools or kindergartens in towns with up to 20,000 inhabitants, will be invited to English Teaching Weekends (methodical training)